What to look out for when hiring a roofer in your local area?

With hundreds of different companies offering their services, choosing which roofer will do a great job on your property for a fair price and within a decent time frame can seem like an almost impossible task. It is, however, a very important decision considering what is at stake. If you’re looking for a roofing company, then check out this roofers edinburgh page.

It’s perfectly fair to expect a roofer will provide an honest estimate, turn up on time, use good quality materials and carry out the work agreed on to a high standard without unnecessary delays. Unfortunately not all roofing companies are equal, so doing plenty of research before hiring anyone is crucial, and the only way to greatly reduce the chance of any problems cropping up.

Once you have secured several written quotes from local roofers who have time to take on the job use this helpful list of things to look out for, or ask about, before making a final decision on which one to hire.

  • Did they take a good look at the roof before offering a quote? If not how will they handle additional costs which may come up?
  • Be clear about whether he or she is providing an estimate or a quote, and whether prices include VAT. Avoid anyone offering deals for cash payments made ‘under the table’.
  • What are their payment policies? A good company will never ask for huge amounts to be paid upfront, and never expect more than 50% of the total fee to be paid before completion.
  • Do they offer a guarantee on the work undertaken? Is this covered by a scheme which honours your guarantee even if the roofer goes out of business?
  • Are they able to put you in touch with several previous customers? This is a good way to check their work and get an honest opinion on how things went.
  • Insurance. Do they have it? If not then there could be problems should they be injured while working on your property, and make a claim against you.
  • Material choices shouldn’t be limited to just one option. Anyone who insists on supplying a specific type of tile may have a job lot they want to shift, regardless if it is the best roofing material for you.
  • Timescales need to be discussed and agreed on, as it’s not unusual for some roofing companies to take on more work than they can comfortably handle, and then divide their time flitting between projects. Thos could leave you with a half done job and rain forecast!
  • Finally – do they really listen to what you say? A good roofer cares about getting things right, so someone who doesn’t really listen is more likely to deliver a service that isn’t what you had asked for.

This may seem like a lot of topics to cover, but any decent roofer will be happy to answer your questions and supply any relevant information requested. So if you meet resistance simply move on.

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