What should you look out for when picking a Roofing company in East Lothian?

Choosing which roofing company to work with as important a decision as finding the right dentist; in both cases you need to be completely sure that you can trust them to do a good job, in a decent time frame, and for a fair fee. If you are looking for a roofing company in East Lothian this guide on what to look out for will help you identify which of them is a good bet. Also, be sure to check out our roofing edinburgh page.

Roof Repair and Replacement in East Lothian

Over time all roofs start to show signs of wear and tear, especially in areas with severe winter weather conditions or after serious storms, but deciding whether to patch things up with a repair or spend a heftier sum on a full replacement can be a tough one. In many cases home and building owners will be relying on advice from a roofing contractor about which is the most sensible choice, and unfortunately some will focus on the option which gives them the best return.

Picking out the fair and truthful opinions from the tall tales is possible if you are armed with some basic knowledge of the factors which should be influencing their verdicts.

An honest and professional roofing company should be assessing your property based on the following:

  • The age and materials of your roof

This is important because a roof covered with asphalt shingles has an average life expectancy of 10 – 30 years, cement tiles last between 40-50 years, clay from 50-100, and slate tiles are generally fine for around 150 years! You can use this knowledge as a guide presuming you know when the roof was last replaced.

  • The history of your roof

They should definitely want to know not only how old the roof is but about previous repairs carried out too.

  • A thorough inspection

Good roofing contractors will take a good look at the roof in question from both the outside and the inside. This is the way everything from missing tiles to damaged flashing can be spotted.

Before any work is agreed or begun a good roofing contractor will be keen to discuss his or her findings with you, along with their recommendations, estimated time scales and anything else relevant to the work on offer. This is also a good opportunity to get an idea of the overall cost of the project. Remember, if you initially filled in a query form online the estimate generated may be different from the quote offered when the job has been inspected in person.

Residential & Commercial Roofing

As residential and commercial properties often have quite different roofing needs it may be worth choosing a roofing company that specialise in either one or the other. House roofs tend to have steeper slopes and fewer obstacles to deal with, while business focused properties tend to favour flat roofs which may be made from different types of materials, like metal or bitumen. They can also be littered with anything from TV aerials to air conditioning units which a contractor will need to work around.

In some cases commercial premises are based in what used to be a residential property. Huge Victorian street houses are commonly repurposed as guesthouses or office spaces, and in these cases it may be better to look at a roofing company who focus on residential work.

Whatever type of property you are dealing with, once you have a shortlist of three or four possible roofing companies to work with be sure to ask for evidence of previous roof work they have carried out. Where possible arrange to look at some of their completed projects in person, and talk to a couple of other previous customers to check they had no issues or complaints with the work done.

Cost of Roofing in East Lothian

Although the total cost of roof repairs or replacement will vary a little between roofing companies, most estimates will fall within a typical price range, influenced by the extent of repair needed, and/or the materials required. [The exceptions tend to be very complex or large jobs, or those where particularly expensive materials are needed.]

Some repair jobs may just involve replacing a few tiles, while a new roof could involve buying enough to cover the entire space, unless some of the old tiles can be recycled. A completely new roof using plain tiles will cost (pre-VAT) around:

  • £3500 – £5600 for a 2-bed terrace
  • £4000 – £6000 for a 2-bed bungalow
  • £4400 – £7000 for a 3-bed semi
  • £5300-8500 for a 4-bed detached

The average spend on a new roof is around £5000.

While the average ten tile repair job would be

  • Up to £210 on a 2-bed
  • Up to £300 on a 3-bed

Watch for the hidden charges.Professional roofing companies will prepare a quote which covers all the costs involved of either repairing or replacing your roof. This should include material, labour, VAT and extras such as soffits, fascias (which could run into the thousands), or flashing (which is around £400 just for one chimney), essential to protect your property from leaks, are not going to be added at the end of the project and skew the total you had expected.

Different types of roofing

The most popular roof types in the UK are:


Easy to recognize by their two overlapping sloping roofs with triangle shaped sides. They are very easy to construct, and can use various materials, making them a good choice for all budgets.


Most common on commercial property and home extensions, if constructed using good quality waterproof material flat roofs can last for a decent length of time. However, they are not recommended in areas with an above average yearly rainfall.


These are a popular choice for bungalow loft extensions, but can also be seen in older, semi detached homes. They form a second small roof above the ground floor of the property, with the window built into the extended space.