How much does a roof generally cost? Weighing up repairing vs. replacement

Being a property owner can be an expensive pleasure, especially when something major like the roof starts to show signs of being a problem. Sometimes either simple or more intensive repairs will be enough, in others there may be little choice but to replace the entire roof altogether. However, if either option is a viable possibility it’s down to the homeowner(s) themselves to make the call. Go all out and replace the roof completely, or choose the repair route? Check out this roofing edinburgh resource here.

There are pros and cons on both sides of this dilemma, so it’s worth taking the time to think carefully about which makes the most sense.

The benefits of repairing the roof

If a roof is not in extremely bad condition, or severely damaged for some unexpected reason it is worth thinking seriously about repairing over replacing as this is:

  • Cheaper – it’s pointless spending cash on unnecessary work.
  • Environmentally friendly – replacing only damaged or worn sections saves landfill sites from unnecessary waste.

The negatives of repairing the roof

Could be false economy if the roof will need replacing completely sooner rather than later.

The roofer could discover unknown problems while on the job, bumping the price higher than first quoted.

Repairs may stand out and put off potential buyers should the property be sold anytime soon.

The benefits of replacing the roof

Considering the roof is the thing that keeps a property secure from the elements it needs to be in good condition to do its job properly. Replacing it when it is worn out has the following benefits:

  • It helps maintain the overall value of the property.
  • One larger investment can be cheaper than more regular bills for repair and maintenance work.
  • A solid roof reduces the risk of leaks which can lead to damp or even damage to possessions

The negatives of replacing the roof

  • The cost , new roofs are a substantial financial investment
  • The outlay may not be clawed back if property prices are static

How much is either option likely to cost?

It is quite difficult to put an exact figure on the cost of either repairing or replacing a roof as the final estimate depends on factors such as: the size of the roof, and the materials needed.

The average cost of roof repairs

  • Replacing up to 10-12 [plain] tiles – £100-£300
  • Replacing lead flashing on a chimney – £400
  • New fascias and soffits [3-bed bungalow] – £2000

The average cost of roof replacement

  • 2-bed terrace £4500 [3500-5600]
  • 3-bed semi average £5600 [4500-7000]
  • 4-bed detached £6800 [5500-8800]
  • 2-bed bungalow £4800 [4-6000]

These figures include plain tiles, long lasting tiles made from slate will cost more, labour, and scaffolding – if needed, on straightforward jobs, but not any VAT which may apply.

Ultimately, the decision to either repair or replace a roof depends on several different factors, and it is best reached after consulting with roofing professionals.

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