Roof Repairs in Edinburgh – Are you looking for a roofing contractor in Edinburgh?

Damaged roofs can lead to leaks, draughts, and mould, and if left for too long can even cause structural damage to a property. Tiled roofs have an extra hazard, if strong winds turn loose tiles into flying missiles; so it’s crucial that roof problems are dealt with as quickly as possible. Of course it is equally important that you choose a roofing contractor in the Edinburgh / Midlothian area who is capable of doing the work required to a high standard.

Roof Repair and Replacement in Edinburgh

With over 200 days a year bringing rain, sleet or snow to the city the last thing anyone needs is problems with the roof on their home or the building where they work. Unfortunately, over time most roofs in Edinburgh are going to need either some form of repair, or even to be replaced completely, and this can create a dilemma for the person responsible. Nobody wants to spend money on a new roof if it can be repaired, but on the other a complete replacement could be a more cost effective spend in the long term. A professional roofing contractor will provide an honest opinion, rather than trying to upsell to the most expensive option, which is why it is vital to get several quotes from established companies with good local reviews.

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Residential & Commercial Roofing

There’s more to roofing than you may think. For example, there are several differences between the roofs on commercial and residential buildings. Those on houses tend to be steeper, while many business premises have either gently sloped or flat roofs, and are usually trickier to repair as contractors have to deal with obstacles such as air flow systems, rather than just a chimney. So when looking for a roofing contractor in Edinburgh always check that they have the appropriate specialist knowledge to do a top class job.

Cost of Roofing in Midlothian

Although prices will vary depending on the contractor chosen, and the amount and type of materials used, the average cost of replacing a roof is around £4500 – £7000 for a three-bed semi, £4000 -£6000 for a two-bed bungalow, and up to £12,000 for a four-bed home. Repairs are obviously cheaper, and replacing tiles on the average, straightforward, leaking roof generally costs a few hundred pounds; while larger and more complex jobs cost more. This site, Roofers Edinburgh will help you find the best quality roofing repair services at the very best prices.

Different types of roofing

Homes and buildings can sport one of several dozen roof designs, so here we look only at the most common.

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Edinburgh based Roof Replacement

Flat roofs

Flat roofs are most commonly used on commercial buildings, large blocks of flats, garages, and extensions, though the top of a dormer window is often flat too. Most modern flat roofs are built with a slight pitch to avoid water puddling and causing damage – a common complaint with older style flat roofs. However, even nowadays many roofers will probably advise against choosing a flat roof design in a location which gets a lot, or above average rain and/or snowfall in a year.

A flat roof can offer attractive extra space which can be adapted for other uses, for example as a rooftop patio above an extension. Apartment buildings and commercial properties often use their flat roof to house heating or air cooling units and TV aerials, and they are also a good design or installing solar panels.

Flat roofs are generally quite cheap to construct, but this advantage could easily be lost in repair and maintenance costs. If you go ahead with this design make sure good quality and fully waterproof materials, preferably something in one continuous piece, are used.

Dormer roofs

This is a regular roof with protruding windows in it. They are most commonly seen in large houses with attic rooms, extended one storey bungalows, or on 1960’s semi detached properties.

Gable roofs

The term ‘gable’ refers to the section of the wall which sits in an A shape between the two, interlocking sloping roof sides. Gables are the most commonly seen roof type in the UK (specifically Edinburgh), perhaps because these triangle shaped structures are ideal for countries with high rain and snow fall – giving neither an easy opportunity to settle. This is a really good benefit as harsh weather conditions can easily cause roof damage which could lead to long term structural problems, damp, draughts and leaks.

They are also the easiest to build, very cost effective, and offer the home owner a wide variety of materials to choose from. However, one of the most attractive elements of a gable roofed property is the additional space they offer in the rafters. Homeowners really appreciate having either loft space for storage, or the possibility of extending up and creating a more structured loft extension.

Hip roofs

These are similar in design to gable roofs, but have four sloping sides rather than two. All four sides are of equal length, and they form a ridge at the top where they meet. Hip roofs are especially good for high wind areas as they are very stable, and they can deal with snow and rain easily too, with no possibility of standing water causing issues. Pretty much any material can be used to construct a hip roof, so they are a very flexible option. They also offer the option of an extension if a property owner chooses to go down that route. However, hip roofs are more expensive than cable roofs because they use more materials and are more complex to build. These kinds of roofs are very common in the Edinburgh area.

There are several different forms of hip roof, with the simple hip being the one described here, and the most popular in general. The cross-hipped roof is similar to a simple hip, and is basically two of those used on one property which has to wings. The pace where the two meet is called a ‘valley’, and this area must be properly waterproofed as it vulnerable to pooling. Finally there is the half hipped roof, which is like a simple hip design with eaves, created by shortening the length of two sides.

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